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The Spaven Company Property Management & Sales is a highly successful and progressive Property Management and Real Estate Sales Company. We provide services to the Inland Empire. We have proven ourselves to be extremely successful in the marketing of Rental Property and Real Estate Sales placed in our trust. We take this trust very seriously and we are committed to providing Excellent Customer Service.

We want to thank you for visiting our Web Site and please feel free to call us at (951) 274-3835 with any Questions you may have.

Key Personnel

We have listed some Key Individuals who have extensive experience and training in their respective areas of oversight:

George D. Spaven, Jr., Broker/Owner

George D. Spaven, Jr. is the Broker/Owner of The Spaven Company Property Management & Sales. George is a Licensed Real Estate Broker with The State of California Department of Real Estate and has been licensed since 1990. George has an extensive background in Real Estate. This includes Residential Property Management, Commercial Property Management, Residential Sales, Commercial Sales, Income Property Sales, Business Sales and Land Sales. George specifically stays informed and up to date regarding Landlord/Tenant Law and Conflict Resolution.

Kelly R. Spaven, Senior Bookkeeper:

Kelly has many years of extensive experience in Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Title Insurance, Escrow, Mortgage Loans, Bookkeeping and Customer Service. Currently, she is the Bookkeeper for The Spaven Company Property Management & Sales. Kelly's priority is to make sure the Owners of properties we manage receive their disbursement checks as quickly as possible. Kelly also makes sure the Tenant pays their rent, as per the Lease Agreement. Kelly has held a Real Estate License in the State of California and the State of Utah. Kelly's attention to detail is a tremendous asset to our team.

The experience and training that our key individuals and other staff possess is what helps us to provide our clients with quality service. We are a company that believes in being proactive and not waiting to be reactive.


A person answers our telephones. We do not use answering machines during normal business hours, but voicemail is available 24 hours per day.

Your property will be assigned to a Property Manager. In the event the Property Manager is not available, other Managers and Assistants are available to talk with Owner's, Tenant's, Contractor's and Vendor's.

An Emergency Staff Member is available 24/7, for emergency related matters.

Initial Tenant Contact

  • Obtain current Lease/Rental Agreement(s), Tenant(s) history, personal information and accounting records from the Owner if available.
  • A Welcome Letter introducing ourselves.
  • Arranging an appointment with current Tenant(s) to complete a walk through.
  • Address any questions and concerns.
  • Assess any need for maintenance/priority.
  • Assess for any potential risk management issues.


Our Marketing is arranged to best suit your needs and target qualified clientele. We only manage properties where we have become very familiar with the market conditions in that area and realize maximum rents while minimizing vacancies.

Tenant Screening Process

We evaluate our Tenant Selection Process and make adjustments if necessary. We continually revise our Lease Agreements to reflect the most update legal mandates. We thoroughly screen applicants and monitor our properties regularly. To ensure the best-qualified tenants are selected for the properties under our management, we have adopted the following screening process.

Tenant Screening and Selection Process:
  • Completion of our Rental Application.
  • Obtaining supporting documentation, i.e.: valid Driver's License, and/or valid ID Card, valid Social Security Card, and/or Tax Identification Number.
  • Obtain the last two bank checking account statements or the last two tax returns, in the event Tenant is self-employed.
  • A Debt ratio is determined in order to determine if Tenant is qualified.
  • Verify current and past employment.
  • Investigate for non-sufficient funds activity, and how it was resolved.
  • Complete a full credit check from a major credit-reporting agency.
  • Check civil records to check for bankruptcy, collection accounts, late payments, and unlawful detainer actions - evictions.
  • Complete a Criminal records check for a background investigation.
  • Check The California Department of Justice's "Registered Sex Offender" database for any type history.
  • Investigate Tenant's current and past rental history. This includes, payment history, condition of property when Tenant vacated, and would the Landlord re-rent to the Tenant again.
Property Manager Screening and Selection Process:
  • A Property Manager verifies and reviews all documentation submitted.
  • A Property Manager will personally determine if a Tenant is qualified. (The Owners may be involved in the selection process if requested).
  • At the direction of a Property Manager, a Team Member will notify Tenant whether he/she is qualified.
  • If qualified, a $500.00 Deposit is required within 48-Hours and collected before the property is taken off the market.
  • Once the Tenant(s) move(s) in, the holding deposit becomes part of the move-in deposit.
  • The move-in date shall not exceed 30-days. This allows the Tenant(s) to make all the necessary notifications.


Our computerized accounting program is quick, clear and concise. All accounting is electronically and manually backed-up to prevent any lost data. Our reports can be adjusted to meet your needs.

  • All Accounting is completed in-house. Rent monies are sent directly to us, the Tenant(s) has/have no idea where you live, and cannot contact you directly.
  • We can pay any or all of the expenses associated with your property, if requested.
  • You set a limit as to the amount that can be spent for maintenance and repairs; any expenditure beyond that limit must be authorized by you.
  • Usually within 3-5 Days after receiving your Tenant(s) rent and sometimes sooner, we issue your check with a full accounting of what has been collected and what expenses have been dispersed.
  • We will serve 3-Day notices to "Pay Rent or Quit" if rent has not been paid by the fifth day of the month.

Legal Actions

Unlawful Detainer Actions "Evictions" are not a common occurrence, but time and unforeseen occurrences do happen. People go through divorces or may suffer some type of calamity.

These actions are referred to local Eviction Attorneys who we have worked closely with for many years. The Spaven Company Property Management & Sales works with the Eviction Attorneys, from the beginning to the end of this process. This includes a Court appearance if necessary.

We also screen the success rate of our contracted Eviction Attorneys. We currently hold a 100% success rate in those rare cases when this type of action is needed.

Fee Structure

  • Management Fees are $89.00 FLAT RATE per month.
  • Leasing Fee(s) are 30% of one month's rent. If writing or renewing a "Lease Agreement" with existing Tenant(s), the fee is 25% of one month's rent.

Repair and Maintenance

We have been successful in obtaining and maintaining a very qualified list of Contractors and Vendors. The following is a list of the professional trades we have access to:

  • Appliance Repairs
  • Cabinet Repair/Replacement
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair/Replacement
  • Concrete Repair/Replacement
  • Concrete Walls
  • Crime Scene Clean up
  • Door Repair (Interior/Exterior)
  • Drywall Repair/Installation
  • Electrical-All Phases
  • Fencing-All Phases
  • Flooring-All Phases
  • Garage Doors-All Phases
  • Gardening/Landscaping
  • General Contractors-All Types
  • General Handymen
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Home Cleaning Services
  • Locksmiths
  • Painting-All Phases/Stucco Repair
  • Plumbing-All Phases
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Repairs-All Phases
  • Roof Repair/Replacement
  • Screen Repair/Replacement
  • Security Systems
  • Septic Systems-All Phases
  • Termite & Pest Control-All Phases
  • Texture Coating
  • Tree Care/Maintenance
  • Water Softener Service
  • Window Cleaning Service
  • Window Repair/Installation

The Spaven Company Property Management & Sales uses only Independent, unrelated Contractors and Vendors and does not receive referral fees or profit in anyway, as we feel that it would be a conflict of interest. This assures that the Property Owner receives competitive rates for all work and services.

We use only licensed, bonded and insured Contractors, which is mandatory and reviewed annually.

We have staffing that track and monitor all maintenance requests. Our accounting procedures also notify us if there seems to be unusually high cost or repeat cost for repairs at a specific property.

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